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companies using the CVI rate 95% of their hires as Top Performers | Core Values Index

Watch productivity and profits soar when you can accurately assess candidates on “suitability” for the job.

The Core Values Index is the only assessment that measures four innate human energies that drive performance in specific job positions.

Over a million CVIs have been completed and the companies using the CVI rate 95% of their hires as Top Performers.

The Core Values Index (CVI) is more than an assessment of personality

The Core Values Index Assessment (CVI) is a forced-choice preference assessment administered online in 10 minutes. The assessment results accurately describe the innate unchanging nature of a person and identify what fulfills someone about the work they do, rather than determining their capabilities. The CVI has a 97.7% repeat score reliability, more than an assessment of personality. What are core values? The four values—energies—of the CVI are a measurement of the individual’s innate capacities to be these energies, to contribute these energies through the work of a right job. Learn the high impact, very real information about an individual’s essential being.

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Top Talent Recruitment | Lynn Taylor

Core Values Index | Taylor Protocols

top talent recruitment | Lynn Taylor

Using the CVI as a top talent recruitment strategy

Increase your company profitability when you place people in positions that are the most fulfilling to them. The CVI technology puts every person into a position that needs them to be who they really are all day, every day. Use CVI results for talent acquisition and put employees on a path to self-actualization and personal development. Transform your business by changing the culture to be supportive of the individual. Employees who have taken the CVI can have their scores compared to Top Performer Profile (TPP) scores. Use a TPP to define the role, then match applicants based on their CVI profile with unprecedented accuracy. Candidates hired with a “high recommend” TPP+CVI match are often up to 300% more productive than those hired through traditional selection methods.

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Lynn Taylor | Taylor Protocols

About Lynn Taylor, creator of the Core Values Index (CVI) 

Lynn E. Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Protocols, stakes his company and his reputation around his “right person, right job” mission. He is creator of the Core Values Index (CVI), the only assessment to identify the unchanging human energies that dictate future job performance and align these with the responsibilities of a given role for guaranteed success. His training sessions deliver candid conversations that lead to significant team connectivity, transparency, trust, communication and ROI for organizations that partner with him. More than 10,000 leaders have benefited from Lynn’s coaching and training. He has positioned more than 8,000 individuals into their seat of highest and best contribution, increasing bottom-line performance beyond expectations.

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Learn how Top Performer technology can help you in this 3-minute video

Learn how Top Performer technology can help you in this 3-minute video

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