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The CVI™ is the driver of our Top Performer Profile™ (TPP™) fully automated Job Architecture™ both of which drive our artificial intelligence-driven CVIjobMatch technology.

Use the CVI to hire top-performing sales staff

Recruiting, hiring, and retaining top talent is widely recognized as the most critical challenge that organizations face. Every year companies waste millions of dollars on poor hiring decisions and employee turnover. When you implement the CVI as a recruitment strategy tool, you can expect to:

  • Dramatically Increase Sales: Clients experienced a sales increase of 71% within 12 months.
  • Hire More Top Performers: Clients hired 82% more top performers.
  • Screen Out Poor Performers: Clients reduced poor performers within their organizations by 86%.

Created in the throes of a thousand turnaround management and business optimization projects, the CVI measures and quantifies where people can rise to their place of highest and best contribution.

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The CVI helps you to discover top-performing leaders

The CVI helps you to discover top-performing leaders C-suite executives list retention as their issue of highest concern. Top Performer Profile is the world’s first automated pre-employment screening and prioritization system that allows organizations to consistently hire employees with the same core energies as the current top performers in each position.

With the Top Performer Profile, each new hire is guaranteed to be an A or B performer. The Top Performer Profile is based on a company’s current top performers in a given role. Employees are ranked top to bottom as A, B, C, or D performers, and the CVI is administered to each. Results are collected and future top performers are easily identified among new candidates. The resulting profile consistently identifies future top performers while screening out almost all future low performers. The TPP process is the only system that aligns innate human energy with the energy needed in the job. Save time, money, and resources; find the right candidates, and shift current low performers in your company positions, into new CVI-identified jobs, in which their innate balance of energies are needed every day, all day long.

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Team Training with CVI

The CVI Team Training session provides an assessment of the strengths and balance of your current team at any level in your organization. Managers are provided comprehensive individual and group CVI results to assess their team’s unique composition.

CVI Team Training will improve motivation, productivity, communication and job satisfaction. You’ll acquire a thorough understanding of your team’s CVI scores, develop the ease to shift between energies, and learn how doing so affects your team’s desire to do their job. Employees will feel connected to each other and the organization and part of the greater vision. They come away knowing they are being asked to make their contribution in a position that needs the natural energy strengths in their wheelhouse. An on-site or web-hosted event, this is an energetic, engaging experience that reveals individual core nature and how to harness it to work better as a team. 

Executive Coaching for greater team productivity

The Core Values Index (CVI) Train-the-Trainer helps you to acquire a thorough understanding of the Core Values Index and how to leverage the results for greater individual and team productivity. The training and certification process will be sufficient to fully equip designated champions in the organization to carry out the Best Standard Practice of Coaching with the CVI with every individual in the organization, lifting them to higher levels of contribution, and a higher level of work engagement.

Workshops for in-depth CVI competencies

Building on stories of successful turnaround projects spanning 35 years, Lynn Taylor illustrates the power of putting right people in right seats to increase human productivity beyond what is generally believed possible. The interactive conversation includes specific examples of organizations and individual business leaders and workers in many industries and different types of businesses.

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  • Keynotes: 30, 45 or 60-minute presentations
  • Workshops: 1-4 hours, full day, multiple days
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