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We truly care about the well-being and success of every person.

The Core Values Index is the only assessment that measures four innate human energies that drive performance in specific job positions.

Over a million CVIs have been completed and the companies using the CVI rate 95% of their hires as Top Performers.

About Taylor Protocols

Lynn E. Taylor, President and CEO of Taylor Protocols, is a business optimization expert in the areas of human capital, C-level performance, executive coaching and organization design. He is creator of the Core Values Index assessment (CVI), the only hiring values assessment to accurately predict future job performance by characterizing and quantifying the innate, unchanging human nature of a person and what they are naturally wired to do.

Lynn has performed more than 200 successful turnaround projects over the past 20 years. He and his Core Values Index have been installed in thousands of organizations large and small to increase human productivity and leadership performance. Notable clients include Alcoa, CitiBank, Merrill Lynch and JG Wentworth to name a few.

In the early days, Lynn worked alongside Dr. Ed Geiger, pioneering the development of the world’s first non-invasive cardiac-output computer. He used similar pattern matching algorithms to produce the first IBM PC-compatible speech recognition system. At Taylor Protocols, Lynn uses the same scientific approach to develop Top Performer Profiles to accurately pre-select future top performers for any position in any company.

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