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We truly care about the well-being and success of every person.

The Core Values Index is the only assessment that measures four innate human energies that drive performance in specific job positions.

Over a million CVIs have been completed and the companies using the CVI rate 95% of their hires as Top Performers.

About Taylor Protocols

Lynn E. Taylor, President, and CEO of Taylor Protocols, is a business optimization expert in the areas of human capital, C-level performance, executive coaching, and organization design. He is the creator of the Core Values Index assessment (CVI), the only hiring values assessment to accurately predict future job performance by characterizing and quantifying the innate, unchanging human nature of a person and what they are naturally wired to do.

Lynn has performed more than 200 successful turnaround projects over the past 20 years. He and his Core Values Index have been installed in thousands of organizations large and small to increase human productivity and leadership performance. Notable clients include Alcoa, CitiBank, Merrill Lynch and JG Wentworth to name a few.

The History of Lynn Taylor and the Core Values Index

About Lynn E. Taylor

Chairman, CEO, and President of Taylor Protocols, Inc. and nKOR, LLC.  
Over the course of 18 years, Mr. Taylor has led the turnaround efforts in more than 253 companies with another 700+ business optimization and reorganization projects. Mr. Taylor served as titular CEO for companies with combined annual sales between $10.0 million and $300.0 million. He has managed, trained, and coached more than 16,000 executives in small and middle-sized companies. 

He has created his remarkable Core Values Index™, the most accurate and reliable Human Assessment, for use in the Hiring Process…The revolutionary Top Performer Profile™ (TPP™) for automated selection of Top Performers in any Company, any position; incoming candidates. His  CVIjobMatch™  searches through the 1.3 million database of CVI™ users creating instant access to thousands of Ideal Candidates, as identified by the Top Performer Profile™ with guaranteed hiring success of Top Performers for any job. 

His Leadership Team Profile™ (LTP™) causes company leaders at any level to optimize their job description and to rise to higher levels of excellence and productivity. His Human Capital Audit™ automatically evaluates the complete employee base and prescribes where to move lower performers into another company position in which they have the ideal innate nature, a complex of human energies that are needed in the work of that job; increasing human productivity by 50% to 200% within a few quarters.  This is the secret process and proven technology that enabled Taylor to successfully turn around 253 companies and optimize the performance of more than 700 companies with 3500 CVI based technology-driven reorganizations and systems redesign, that places all people in all positions within all systems in accordance with the fit with their individual innate unchanging nature.

More than 3000 sales professionals have learned from Mr. Taylor how to dramatically increase sales performance. Clients have included: ALCOA Primary Metals, ATT Wireless, RBC Dain Rauscher, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, FLS,  HOK (world’s largest Architectural firm), Quadrant Homes, and hundreds of other large, midsize and small companies.

It was his work managing businesses in critical survival situations with Elliott Bay Management since 1987,  that led to the creation of Taylor Protocols, Inc., the Core Values Company.  Taylor has published several business books, The Core Values Handbook, The GrassISGreener, Choices, Lift, The Lift Fable,  and STONES, a collection of poems and other books of poetry.  He has raised more than $60 million for business growth and development projects, taking two companies public in an IPO.  

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