Value Added Relationship (VAR) Program

All coaches, business consultants, HR services professionals, Training and recruiting and permanent placement specialists—all of you are invited to participate with Taylor Protocols as we forever change the way people relate to their work, and the way businesses relate to their people. Putting every person in the right seat doing the right work is not just smart, it’s humane.

Add the Taylor Protocols and our unmatched Core Values Index™ to your branding and service offerings. Make more money, get constant world-class executive coaching from our master VARs, and lift yourself to your highest and best contribution. We will make you masters of the CVI, a resource from whom companies can obtain the best practice business tools for hiring, commissioning, training, developing and honoring employees around the world.

We are already represented in more than 10 countries, translated into four languages and being used in more than 1000 companies around the world.

Our VARs introduce us at the right time into their client companies. We do our work and send our VARs their share of the project fees, plus all future project fees in that company, plus hiring fees-- all without any additional effort or cost for our VARs.

Bottom line?

Our VAR Certification & Licensure process will:

T each the fundamental understanding of the Core Values Index™.

E xpose you to our “Best Practice Coaching Model” that can be applied to any individual or people system.

A pply practical experience using the CVI™ showing you how to gain a higher level of human consciousness for the individuals, teams or any people system in your circle of influence.

C ause a shift in understanding between the “Gold Standard” behavioral assessments and associated hiring tools, and our new system of understanding what we call Core Value Consciousness™ & our Pre-Hiring Sciences™.

H elp you increase revenue and effectiveness by providing user status to the 80/20 Protocol Suite™

Ultimately …your success in using the CVI™ depends on your capacity to integrate the CVI™ in your company. As part of our certification training, we end the second day with a “Business Development Workshop” which will help you design-in how you will utilize the CVI™ in your bag of tools and use it to open up more business for yourself.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation at 206-283-8144 to discuss how this program might benefit you - make sure to inquire when our next VAR Certification and Licensure Training Course is scheduled to take place.