Human Capital Audit™

A Human Capital Audit™ puts numbers around all of the performance factors of the people in each position. We find that most companies operate at less than 33% human capital efficiency.

We help our clients answer the questions:

  • What is your current level of human capital efficiency?
  • What would your company look like if you had all A and B performers?
  • How many employees would you really need if you had only A and B performers?

The end result of the Human Capital Audit process (which includes a CVI for every employee involved) is a reliable return on investment that you can expect by aligning employees’ Core Values with the work that is required. This vastly improves human capital efficiency and drops directly down to the bottom line. The goal is to create a prescription on how to use everyone at their highest and best contribution.

To find out what is possible through our system for a given position within your company, we invite you to complete our Taylor Protocols ROI worksheet.

This worksheet will help you analyze what the current net revenue of a specified position within your company is yielding and what potential exists for growth.