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Never before has a management tool been so accessible, so reliable, and created the kind of ROI that compels companies to change the way they think about Human Capital! Taylor Protocols has 20 years of proven technology and experience in the business optimization arena.

The Taylor Protocols™ are designed to optimize the people equation in organizations in ways never thought possible before. Most times, it is not a person’s skill, experience or attitude that prevents them from being a Top Performer in a given job. It is their innate capacity to perform certain tasks and functions the way the position requires. If a person’s motivational drivers and sense of contribution does not align with the work they are being asked to do, they will never rise to the top.

We are the creators of the Top Performer Profile – the world’s first pre-employment hiring system that allows organizations to consistently hire employees with the same core values as their current top performers.

Recruiting, hiring and retaining top talent is widely recognized as the most critical challenge that organizations face. Every year companies waste millions of dollars on poor hiring decisions and employee turnover.

Learn how Taylor Protocols can help you...

  • Dramatically Increase Sales » Our clients experienced a sales increase of 71% within 12 months
  • Hire More Top Performers » Our clients hired 182% more top performers
  • Screen Out Current and Future Poor Performers » Our clients reduced poor performers within their organizations by 86%. These are actual results of 15 client companies over a 12 month period.

Created in the throes of turnaround management and business optimization projects, a revolutionary 10-minute assessment – The Core Values Index™ (CVI)- was born to measure and quantify where people can rise to their place of highest and best contribution and shift the human productivity bell-curve and destroy the 80/20 Principle.

What is your current level of Human Capital Efficiency? What is the ROI of your Human Capital?

We find these are questions most executives can either not answer or don’t know how to answer, yet the cost of people for many companies exceeds 50% of gross revenue. In our work with more than 700 companies of all sizes we have consistently discovered that they operate at less than 33% human capital efficiency. We have been able to vastly increase employee productivity and engagement. We can predict FUTURE performance and we are able to guarantee A or B performers while eliminating C & D performers for any position in any company!

Important questions to wrestle with:

  • How many A and B-level performers are required in a given position to produce 100% of the current productive output of the team?
  • What would be the productive capacity and net profit potential of your company if you had only A and B-level performers?

Whether it is through our Human Capital Audit™, Executive Team Profile™ or in hiring with our Top Performer Profile™(TPP™), we save our clients time, money and frustration and at the same time increase revenue, margins and profits by factors that they generally believe is not possible.

We provide:

  • A simple ROI analysis for anyone on your staff to use to evaluate one or more of your key functional positions. Just email us or give us a call.
  • Increased human productivity and increased profits beyond what is generally believed to be possible.

Select the right person for the job – every time by using one of the world’s most accurate pre-employment assessments, the Core Values Index™(CVI™) online assessment.

Our process is:

Guaranteed: Taylor Protocols guarantees every hire will be a top performer or we replace the employee without additional costs to our clients.

Cost Effective: The Top Performer Profile generates a higher return on investment than any other hiring system.

Quick and Easy: Our online assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Your secure and private online dashboard allows you to evaluate each CVI against the Top Performer Profile so you know exactly what candidates you should be following up with.

Accurate: We have a 94% test/retest score - result of independent third party testing.

We go beyond traditional personality or behavioral tests and assessments like Meyers Briggs, DISC, StrengthsFinder 2.0 or Personalysis. Our CVI™ provides an "x-ray" of any person’s wired-in human nature.

Bottom line?

Through our process you will select a top performer for the job – every time - guaranteed.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation at 206-283-8144 or visit our Demo page and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Taylor Protocols is in the business of paying for ourselves many times over and want to be held to this standard. This is an investment in your company and your people. The information that comes from our work is some of the most powerful and valuable knowledge that can be learned, and has changed thousands of peoples’ lives.